Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Chatham 2008

It didn't rain - AGAIN!


Our third and possibly final visit to Chatham. Another good weekend, thanks to Phil of course, Pam, Simon and Sharon, Andrew and Muriel and Barrie, all of whom were there when they could be.

Our thoughts to Ron, who missed this one due to illness - get well soon mate!

I thought there were a few less punters this year, despite the glorious weather again.

We met some lovely people, Chris with his excellent Divisional Signals display, James and Annie next door with what must be a unique Chevrolet heavy utility, the Vulnerable points CMP blokes from Sittingbourne, and others too.

Will we go back?

Well, it's getting a bit "same old, same old" to be honest.

See below for pictures - click for a larger one as usual.



QLR, new awning and cookhouse


Fiona hard at work


QLR and signaller with funny coloured 'at

Chris's jeep - a splendid display!

Supposedly officer's transport..............

Our new neighbour - again a superb display!




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