Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Household Cavalry Pageant 2007

In June 2007, two of our members were invited to take part in the Household Cavalry pageant in central London, representing the advance of 30 Corps on the club route in September 1944.


Here are some pictures of Phil and the QLR at the event, and some kindly supplied by Andrew of other interesting vehicles and people.


A fantastic opportunity, and one not extended to many - given that event represented the whole history of the Household Cavalry. Well done chaps!


Nice picture of the QLR


At the head of the parade.........


Doesn't he look smart?

Inside the QLR

"Brussels" women celebrate arrival of handsome IOCR officer..........

Daimler Armoured Car as used by the Inns of Court

AEC Matador armoured car as used by IOCR Heavy Troops

Very rare sight: left - Daimler scout car; centre - TWO Staghound Armoured Cars (as used by IOCR Headquarters Squadron); right - Humber Scout Car (as used by IOCR C.O. Col.Bingley)



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