Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Watercress Line June 2008

Guess what? It rained again on Saturday, but we were blessed with much better weather on Sunday.


A much smaller turnout this time round. Pam, Phil, Ron and I with the QLR and it's new awning, John Mantle worked with Dickie Townsley, Chris Young and Andy Wood from 133 Field Ambulance to create a truly stunning medical display.


We were lucky to have as neighbours the Battle for Europe group, this time representing an airborne Essex battalion (you'll have to remind me Monique!) and Ian and Beryl and their splendid searhlight display . All were connected by the telephone network installed by Ron, managed by Pam and b*ggered about with by yours truly.


Further down the piece were Just Ordinary Men, another good bunch of lads despite their maroon 'ats, with working WS19 set, 6 pdr AT gun, mortar and most importantly cookhouse, from where our own Simon Todd andhis team fed us all.


Click any picture to open a bigger one.



QLR, new awning and flag

Other side of same


Note Corps flag.

Shame about that van! (What van? IT trickery by a pal has removed it!)


Our neighbours, the Essex Regiment

Neighbours away on the train, Ian and Beryl.

A bigger aeroplane this year.

Heart of the display - the hospital.

MO and assistant at work

JM all dressed up

Tut tut.

Where's your hat, staff?

Man from the Ministry of Rat's Nests inspecting Ron's work..........

Strangest of things, an officer with the brew kit..........



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