Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Costs for Ver sur Mer (Normandy) June 2014


As in 2004 and 2009, the museum in Ver sur Mer has kindly offered to pay half the cost of sanitary facilities. We need to contribute the other half. Again as in 2009, the main sanitary block will be at the town stadium, roughly 650 metres away. There will however be twice the number of chemical toilets on-site than in 2009, and they will be emptied after a couple of days.


The other major cost is for the ferry - we expect this to be enormously increased form 2009, although we have applied for help from the town, the prefecture and the region for this.

If enough of us want to travel together, we hope to benefit from group discounts and an advantageous rate.


Hopeful of some help with the finances, we hope to keep the contribution to £150 each travelling with us, or £20 each making your own travel arrangements.

We've arrived at this figure by estimating the total costs and dividing them by the expected number of participants.


Obviously we'll look carefully at edge cases - don't expect to turn up with your 44 tonner and Sherman tank and pay £150! Similarlly it's not fair to expect those who don't bring vehicles to contribute the same as those who do. As always, talk to us.


For those of you travelling from the South-East, a Dover crossing might prove more economical and more convenient but don't forget the autoroute tolls!






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