Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Well, we went, almost 120 of us.

Over five days we dealt with everything thrown at us and won lots of hearts both French and British. I'm proud of you all.

The site is going to need a major redesign to cope with all the pictures that no doubt we'll get, but this page is a start.

Everyone had commemorative badges in the post and we raised over £1500 for Help for Heroes.

Click below to go to shared photographs on the web (edited February 2014 and broken links removed)

Camp Pictures 4 (ta Tony) Camp Pictures 5 (ta Ken) Camp Pictures 6 (ta Byron)
Camp Pictures 7 (ta Adrian) Camp Pictures 8 (Merci J-B) Camp Pictures 9 (ta Jonny)
Camp Pictures 10 (ta Ray) Camp Pictures 11 (ta Graham) Camp Pictures 12 (ta John)
Camp pictures 12a (ta Lee) Camp Pictures 14 (ta HMS)  

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Fabien et auxilares feminins RN
Eric et Julia
Sharon en tenue PMRAFNS

Inspired by your efforts, new friends from VERNON on the Seine decided to re-enact 43 Div to celebrate their liberation in late August. Here they are with insignia purchased from

I'm sure that you'll all have some advice for them but WELL DONE Fabien and the boys!

From the Local Press

Far from home.......

Local civilian labour?

Stores is for storing.

Airborne at "work"?

My favourite photo (wonder why?)

Entry into Tilly sur Seulles

Entente Cordiale

And then it rained.......

The Navy looking happy

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