Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Chatham 2007

It didn't rain!


First time this summer that we didn't get wet.

A much bigger show this year, with a good turnout.

Thanks to Simon, Reg and big Paul for taking over the messing and doing such a good job of it. That allowed us RSIGS types to do what we do best. I'll let you decide what that is.......


Thanks also to Barrie, who drove up on Sunday and looked very hot in his battledress but splendid on his pushbike..


Here are a few pictures - I know that group members took more, so let's have them!

Click here for a second page of pictures

(Thanks Ron)




Officer's and ATS accomodation


You've heard of headless chickens? There's a headless cook!


Darren in dining shelter, Phil off somewhere in a hurry......


Neighbour's truck

Careful Barrie!




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