Gold Beach - 60 Years On

Watercress Line June 2007

Guess what? It rained again. But what a splendid turnout. Phil brought the QLR, Simon, John and Steve set up an excellent Field Hospital display, Graham did a very popular infantry small arms display, Barrie and Olga set up their palace, Andrew, Muriel and Darron got there and helped out when they could. Oh, and Pam and I ran the cookhouse. And Simon T ran about and shouted a lot as Sar'nt Majors should!

We were also fortunate to have Dave, Geraldine and Dave from 133 Field Ambulance (almost) co-located - shame we couldn't have put all the medics together!



Decent display, eh?

A few visitors, when the rain gave over!


Barrie's palace........



Signal Office

A great display despite the weather!

Cookhouse - deserted for once!

Heart of the display - the hospital.

Medical Officer's tent

Incredible. John, Simon, Steve - well done!



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